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How to Achieve Stronger and More Intensive Orgasms Using the Amazing Kegel System

It happens sometimes to some males that they somehow lose satisfaction of their common orgasmic states. As a rule, all guys want to achieve a more intensive orgasmic culmination, producing bigger volumes of sperm and getting ejaculations that are stronger and more lasting. But it is not a secret that through some reasons of this or that nature men begin to realize that their orgasmic power is going to droop, alas. That inevitably leads to diminished sexual performance and enjoyment, their partners become less satisfied, and their self-esteem falls into a nosedive. According to information published at, as a rule it the case with males of maturing age, though it is not an exception to meet a considerable number of younger men that suffer from the same sexual problem. But the good news is that the men's potency can be considerably boosted by applying the Kegel exercises that are a perfect solution to overcome the irregularity.

An introduction to Kegels

The wonderfully efficient Kegel system was developed originally by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist, in order to give women means of vaginal shape normalization after giving birth. The idea of exercises was to improve the tension of genital's muscles by tightening them. But as it was discovered that the exercises can be practiced by both males and females and they bring greatly beneficial results for their sexual performance by making the sensations of orgasms much more intensive. What actually happens is that by practicing Kegel exercises, men actually are reinforcing an important part of their anatomy known as pubococcygeus (PC) muscle or the pelvic floor muscle. As a result the circulation of blood through pelvic region increases significantly. Therefore, having increased the strength of the PC muscle, you receive a glorious award of much more intensive and enjoyable guy orgasms. Additionally, you can use a special lubricant - rephresh vaginal gel, for women.

One is free to practice Kegel whenever and wherever you feel it is comfortable. It can be your office or you bedroom before going to bed, or when making a phone call. What you have to do, in the first place, is to establish exact location of your PC muscle and after that proceed. It is not difficult to achieve, just stop the flow of urine for a second when doing peeing and try to feel the muscle that does the trick - PC is exactly the agent that is involved in this kind of action. Practice this exercise for several days trying to locate the muscle and then you will feel that you can confidently establish the identity of the muscle under discussion and will be ready to move on with its coaching. There is another technique to establish the location of PC; while having the erection, try upward and downward movements of the erected penis. By managing to move the member a little bit higher you will know that your have tightened your PC muscle.

The Right Way to Exercise PC

After you have mastered the way to identify the PC muscle, you should start exercising it. The exercise consists of hard tightening of the PC muscle for the period of 3-5 seconds, then letting it relax for another 5 seconds. At the first stage of training it is advised to count the number of times you have tightened the muscle before you feel you are getting tired. Practice this way for minimum two weeks. After you have made sure that you figured out the baseline and sufficiently mastered the basic exercises, one can move further for a more advanced set of exercises that includes repetitions. For beginning start with 5 repetitions (reps) of making the muscle tight, holding it tight, and letting go. If you manage to retain the muscle in tightened state for longer period, say, 6 to 7 seconds, it would be even better, but remember, you do not have to push too hard, there is no reason to get forceful. Listen to yourself, to how you feel and if you feel any symptoms of getting uncomfortable, you should cut down the repetitions to the number when you again feel the most comfortable.

What would be the ideal frequency of practicing Kegels? You should try to manage it at least three to four times a day. After practicing continually for three-four weeks it is advisable to gradually increase the frequency of repetitions to 10 sets; each set should include 10 counts of muscle tightening. The beginners should be careful and should not try to do this at once, since organisms of all people differ from each other. Another useful recommendation would be to try to perform the sets with different speed and different force of squeezing. Try, for instance, to change the duration of squeezing, varying between longer and shorter counts, then try the rapid switch from squeeze to release. What is important to realize - you should not try to force yourself, do not push, it is highly advisable to perform Kegels in the way that is most comfortable for your as far as speed and manner are concerned.

As soon as you have practiced for enough time to become comfortable with the Kegels, you should make a try to perform Kegels during masturbation or even having making love. Any stage of love-making, the foreplay, or before an orgasm, and even while having an orgasmic climax, would be ideal for practicing Kegels. The main point is to manage to move, jerk, or lift penis without touching it. If you manage doing it, you would be awarded with increase of pleasurable sensations.

Some useful points for those practicing Kegels

To achieve the best results from practicing Kegel exercises, it is essential to get the relaxed state of the body and totally concentrate on Kegels. The exercises should be done correctly in order to bring the beneficial results. Avoid flexing any other muscles - sphincter, buttocks, thighs, or abdominal - because that would reduce the efficiency of practicing Kegels. The main issue in this regard is initially correct location and identification of the PC muscle so that you are absolutely sure you are not exercising the wrong part of your anatomy.

If you are getting serious about making your orgasms more intensive and satisfying you should make all necessary efforts to perform the Kegels on regular basis. On the other hand, you do not have to stick to some very stiff schedule, do not set some fixed time for the exercises, feel free to practice anywhere and anytime, wherever and whenever you feel it comfortable but do the Kegels in efficient way and regularly. The influence of the Kegels leads to strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles so one should not press excessively otherwise the effect can be harmful instead of beneficial. If you feel some pain when doing exercises you should better quit the training session and give it a rest for a day or two. If the pain becomes acute and difficult to endure one should consult a physician without procrastination.

Some Other Efficient Ways to Enhance Orgasmic States

The Kegel system is a proven and trusted method to get more intensive orgasms. At the same time some persons feel it necessary to combine the exercises with other techniques, for instance, a surgery or application of mechanical devices. As practice shows, some enhancement medications yield rather good results helping a lot of men to improve their orgasms and get rid of sexual irregularities. The male potency pills also have proved to be efficient and many males depend on them a great deal. According to the official website of Semenax potency pills,, the all-natural and totally herbal formulation of this drug makes it possible to produce larger volumes of sperm and achieve more intensive and enjoyable orgasmic states, which is essential for reaching the perfect sexual satisfaction.

As you know the medical technology is constantly on the go and produces more and more affordable solutions to enhance your orgasms by making them more intensive and pleasurable. There is no ideal solution fitted to all, people are different and the most important thing to get the best solution that would be ideal for you personally - whether it would be the Kegels, penis devices, or potency enhancement pills - to achieve the increased sperm volume. As stated at, the larger volume of sperm you produce the more powerful and enjoyable orgasms you get - together with much more improved love-making performance.