Collette Tours & The Way To Sew Lingerie Clasps Or Bra Strap Holders

For those of you who choose to keep your "undergarments" under your garments, right here is really a small sewing tip on the best way to sew "lingerie clasps" or "strap holders or collette tours" to keep your Bra Strap Holder in the proper location, more collette tours.

Make these discreet clasps from lining material as well as rayon hem tape or ribbon.

They actually support keep Bra Strap Holder and lingerie from showing as well as become an anchor to keep vast necklines from falling absent through the physique and exposing sets from neck to waist every single time you lean around.

These clasps might be attached for the inside on the shoulders and on the widest stage of some necklines to manage the gown and straps.

Here is how you can make lingerie clasps.

From lining fabric:

  • 1. For every clasp, cut a straight strip of material 1-3/4? lengthy and 3/4? extensive.
  • 2. Fold the strip in half lengthwise, right sides with each other.
  • 3. Stitch 1/4? from your fold.
  • 4. Turn strip proper facet out and press with seam along 1 edge.
  • 5. Submit raw edges on the ends and slip stitch.

You can likewise use 1/2? broad ribbon or seam tape to make the clasps. Just reduce 1-3/4? long; fold the width in 50 % to 1/4? and best stitch.

Place on the dress or prime more than the lingerie you wish to put on by using it and mark with pins where you want the clasps to become attached.

Clasps generally open toward the neck.

Sew the finish from the clasp farthest through the neck for the shoulder seam. Sew fifty percent of an little snap on the free end.

Sew other fifty percent of the snap to your shoulder seam beneath finish with the clasp to line up with the snap currently on the clasp.

For a wide neck, sew an extra list of clasps inside the neck within the same way. Attach the clasps on the dealing with or lining of your garment.

Now you have complete control of individuals wandering straps and fall away vast necklines.